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Typically a presentation is delivered from a Laptop hooked to an LCD projector. This method works reliably as long as you have a small group, and no requirement to play high quality sound along with the presentation. Also, the Laptop is tied to the projector in one place and the presenter is tied to the laptop to touch the keys.

With smart phones come many new Apps that can transform the way you present in a bold way. The options are limitless. One of the fundamental things needed in a Meeting Room is a large screen HDTV mounted to the wall with a small device called Google Chromecast attached to it. Chromecast is size of a memory stick and plugs into the USB port of a modern HDTV. If the Venue has a high speed WiFi network, the Chromecast device becomes part of the WiFi network. Charlotte Meeting Room has a configured Chromecast device attached to it's 62" HDTVs.

Guests can enter WiFi password into their phones so all the mobile phones are connected to the network. Any Video or Presentation in any of the Phones' Chrome Browser can be wirelessly displayed on the TV screen.

IP Webcam

IP Webcam is a free app on android devices. It can turn your phone camera into a network Webcam. If one laptop is connected to the main TV, participants of the meeting can give their video presentation using their phone sitting at their own place. All this is done over the WiFi network.

WiFi Mouse

WiFi mouse app is free on android devices and can be installed within a minute. Your phone or tablet can act as a remote wireless mouse. This is very useful if you want to connect your laptop to the Venue's Ceiling Sound System for high quality sound to go with the multi-media presentation. Off course the amplifier of the sound system is not generally situated in the middle of the presentation room.

Other Meeting Productivity Enhancing Apps:

1. Mighty Meeting

This is a great tool that makes carrying your laptop to meetings and presentations completely unnecessary. The app enables you to upload your presentation to the cloud and access it wherever you are through your mobile device. You can also send your presentation to others via a direct email link or give them a meeting ID that will enable them to view the presentation at any time. Anyone attending the meeting can chat by typing or with voice functions through this app as well.

2. Slide Rocket

Slide Rocket is pretty much a web-based version of PowerPoint that you can have with you at all times. It lets you create detailed, professional presentations online and store them in the cloud. You can also import PowerPoint slides into Slide Rocket if you prefer, making all of your favorite presentations and slides available in the cloud at all times.

3. Mindomo

This is a great tool that can be initially used for brainstorming. When all of your creative ideas are collected, you can turn your brainstorming activities into presentations to show your team. It’s a collaborative tool that can be used simultaneously by any number of coworkers and enables you to upload and add various media into your presentations, such as audio files, YouTube videos, and much more.

4. Studiopass

Studiopass is a meeting management application that will enable you to get all of your needed presentation details together. The interface enables you to streamline the entire meeting process, allowing you to invite your coworkers or clients into meetings and share a variety of documents with them. Documents can be worked on collaboratively as well within Studiopass. The app also supports integration with Dropbox, so that you can have access to anything you need directly from your cloud storage folder.

5. Fuze Meeting HD

Fuze Meeting is probably the best free conferencing mobile app available for any platform. If you need to give a presentation or simply talk to customers, clients or colleagues remotely, this is the app to use. It has great options for video and photo presentations and can be integrated with most popular chat programs as well. It even gives you a virtual laser pointer to use during your presentations.

6. Anywhere Pad

Anywhere Pad is easily one of the best mobile, paperless boardroom applications that makes mobile meetings a breeze. Colleagues will be able to interact and communicate no matter where they are located and it’s also a great tool to use directly when planning out your next meeting or presentation without having to download or open any other apps within the process. It’s a very all-encompassing solution for remote meetings and presentations.

How a Large Screen HDTV and Chromecast Can Transform Meetings

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